RFQ: Can the mobile phone work normally after root?

KENBO:Such problems may occur on a rooted phone: system error, blank screen after reboot, WiFi unworkable , poor signal, crashes and so on. Attention!

                The users need to be responsible for all these problem. If you ROOT the phone during warranty period, the warranty itemswill not be valid.


RFQ: Why some of the mobile software exit quickly?

KENBO: If you do not clean your phone memory storage regularly, the apps may quick exit and your smartphone work slowly.

              Try to clean up your storage first to avoid this trouble.


RFQ: How to change built-in language?

KENBO: Settings > Language & input, then choose your favorite language.


RFQ: Why music, software, video, photosand other files can not be saved to the memory card?

KENBO: Confirm whether the phone is equipped with a good memory card. Then make sure the memory card as the first default save path.


RFQ: How to do when it is prompted mobile lack of storage space?

KENBO: If phone memory is not enough, files can not be received via Zapya. What’s more, software upgrade and installation will be affected.

              Since built-in software can not be removed, you should try to transfer massive files to SD card storage.

              It is important to keep enough phone memory for increasing the mobile running speed. 


RFQ: How to stop Talkback ?

KENBO: When the phone is on, switch to unlock the screen with 2 fingers. Then follow the next steps: Settings>Accessibility>Talkback. Please make sure to 

              double click to activate the buttons when Talkback is on. When a pop-up window ask whether to “ Stop Talkback”, double click “OK”.。


RFQ: Why Orredoo cards do not work?

KENBO: There are two card slots in KENBO phone for Orredoo cards and Telenor cards (or MPT cards).

              Orredoo cardsonly work wellwith 3G mobile networks. But the Telenor cards and MPT cardscan be compatible with 3G / 2G.

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