KENBO smartphone after-sales service center



Thank you for using KENBO mobile phone. Please note the following points for better protect users’ rights:



1. Back up your important informationlike phone number, SMS, and other files before repair.

Remove any confidential information or personal information stored on the phone.

2. For your legal rights, please fill out your real name, contacts and purchase date etc.

On the "warranty card". Besides, ask for stamps & a valid purchase document when you get the phone.

3. Keep the warranty cardand a commercial invoice.

4. Please read the "Service Manual" and "User Manual" carefully before using the phone.

If your mobile phone doesn’t work, please contact nearest KENBO local service center.

5. IMEI number on your phone & the warranty card is the most important identifying information for your phone.

6. Please fill out the KENBO MOBILE after-sales service form with valid information (name, phone number, symptoms, fault details etc).

7. Keep acopy of KENBO MOBILE after-sales service form carefully for taking back your phone after repair.If you lose it, you will have to show your

ID or other valid certificate to service center reporting the loss. You can get back your machine three days later.。


KENBO service commitments:

We will provide you with comprehensive product warranty.

Free repairwarranty service is limited to normal use excluding artificial damage.





KENBO smartphone maintenance:

For make use of your phone more effectively, please pay attention to the following suggestions. 

1. Do not place your phone near a heat source, such as: microwave, laptop vents, ovens, stoves, or other items that generate heat.

2. Keep your phone away from water, moist air or corrosive chemical products.

3. Please do not insert anything else into the mobile card slotor other openings.

4. Avoid crashing, shaking, squeezing, or falling, etc., for increasing service life.

5. Do not to use KENBO smartphone in airplanes, hospitals, or gas stations etc.

6. Do not over charge your phone, or it will damage the normal life of the machine.

7. Do not use a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle.


Service Instructions:

The after-sales center will charge the cost of parts and a small amount of labor expenses forensuring better quality service.

1. The stipulated warranty period has expired.

2. Man-madequality problems or other problems caused by improper use during the warranty period.

3. Lose users’warranty card (or) purchase order document.

4. The Product serial number, IMEI number or warranty seal is illegible or has been removed, erased, defaced, altered, and/or tampered.

5. The product is not used according to the instructions as stated in user’s manual.

6. The product is tampered because of repair work by any un-authorized person / agency.

7. The user privately disassemble, self-maintain the machine, or modify the software.

8. The mobile is damaged after watered, crashed, squeezed.

9. Lightning or power instability lead to machine failure.

10. The following parts are defined as natural wear and tear:shell, keypad, touch screen, attachments, etc..

11. Technical failure due to operator's network or system parameters modification.


* As for serious water damageor crashed broken machines, users are required to sign a service agreements with our service centers.

* All the replaced parts, components and accessories within warranty period belong to ourcompany.

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