In Nov. 2013, KENBO management team started to prepare for construction of KENBO SMARTPHONE project.


  In Apr. 2014, the mobile phone division of KENBO came into service. On Apr. 9th, 2014, the opening ceremony of the mobile phone division was held.


  In May and June 2014, KENBO mobile phone customer developmentproject named“1+1” was taken in North and South Myanmar simultaneously.

              Over 100 mobile phone shops includingDongzhi Mobile Zone; Lashio Store; Aisa Mobile in Lada, Yangon;

              Aisa Mobile in Hlaing Thar Yar, Yangon, etc. became the first group of customers.


  In Jun. 2014, KENBO mobile advertisement was published onMobile Guide, the most professional newspaper in the field of communication in Myanmar.


  In Jul. 2014, the first brand store of KENBO in Yangonwas open. The exclusive shop was taken as the brand display space, staff training base and customer service outlet.


  In Aug. 2014, the first brand flagship store of KENBOon Mandalay was open. It became an important base for KENBO in North Myanmar.


  In Aug. 2014, KENBO HERO K1 smartphones with new packages were launched. Meanwhile, the new media publicity was carried out.


  In Aug. 2014, KENBO (HERO K1) advertisement was published on the most professionalIT newspaper—INTERNET in Myanmar.




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