KENBO Smartphone has built a fashionalbe, all-around, cost-effective brand image successfully,

whose products have become popular in Myanmar once market launched.

The company has focused on developing intergrated mobile brand system since established. KENBO MOBLIE management team members are experienced in mobile phone industry. Mostly, they come

from various famous mobile companies in China. The KENBO MOBLIE Research & Development

Center was built in Shenzhen, the capital of world-class mobile phones. We aims to developexcellent

mobile phones that really meet consumer demand. 

KENBO Smartphone has built a powerful marketing management and perfect after-sales

management system. You can easily find KENBO service outlets and experience centers inMyanmar.

For repaying the love and support of KENBO users & dealers, KENBO Smartphonepersists with

providing the best service & the most high quality products.

KENBO MOBLIE products are perfect for Burmese consumers with different prices. We always

focus on improving the quality of products and user experience. We have built a stable brand image

in local market by efficient marketing efforts. KENBO Smartphones product positioning: midrange

Hero series for business, fashionable Fly series for the youth, Note series for tablet users,and crafted  delicate Dream series smartphones. It's our mission to improve every KENBO phone.

KENBO MOBLIE makes efforts to build people-orientated relationship during business development.

We respect local culture and tradition. Employees’ welfare and legal rights are fully guaranteed in our company.What’s more, employees can get more professional skills and industry knowledge by our

training. KENBO Smartphone aims to be a learning company, which motivates every employee to get

the best opportunity.

It's our dream to make the world "with KENBO, no distance".

For creating a brilliant future, let's move forward!

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